St George’s Day Parade, Manchester 2017

Today was St George’s Day parade in the city centre of Manchester. The parade begins in the North of the city centre, works it way through the Northern Quarter across Piccadilly and back round. I need to do a little bit more research into this parade in terms of how it is developed and who is involved but it had a strong North Manchester vibe in the sense that there was a celebration of 10 years of Miles Platting heading the parade. The parade is also raising money for the Ancoats Dispensary Trust  so there is a link geographically to where the parade begins. I have wanted to look at the parades from this area for a while as the Manchester Italian Catholic Association walks come through this area as well. This area of the city is under redevelopment and there has been criticism that the gentrification is alienating the older communities. Ancoats tops the so-called ‘hippest hangout’ index. 


It was not strictly the kind of parade I have so far been interested in, in that it has vehicular elements. This aspect really impacted on my enjoyment due to fumes! I think I much prefer the walking only parades in that respect. It had a relatively weak flow and there was a good chunk of time when the whole parade just stopped. Some aspects just really didn’t make much sense to me as the floats were poorly labelled. I did however enjoy the addition of animals into the parade, especially the Manchester Terriers!

I plan to analyse the video that I took in more detail and have a think about whether I want to include this parade as part of my research in general. I am glad I went down to see it though as it is just not something I have ever been attracted to attending.

The sun was shining on Manchester however which is always a treat for a parade (although I am yet to attend a rainy parade so far!).



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