Battling the banners – Materialities of the Whit Walks 2019

I have just been reviewing my photos from yesterday’s annual procession and as it was the first time I have witnessed the Walks in more blustery weather I appeared to have taken quite a few shots of the banners. The relationship between the weather, the Walkers, the banners and other materialities which come into play is part of what constitutes the Whit Walks over time and space. The care and attention that is paid to these banners is also worth noting. Especially the traditional banners which have probably seen more Walks than those walking yesterday. There are also more modern banners which are produced through modern technologies rather than hand sewn.



A few photos from Whit Walks 2018

I haven’t had a chance to look through all my images and videos properly yet but here is a random selection from the Walks today in the glorious Manchester sunshine. I will do a full post once I have time to go through all my field-notes and processed my thoughts! There were many new churches but also many I have become familiar with over the last few years were missing. There are plenty more photos (hundreds!) to sort through and I will post more soon.



The story of a street


When I started working at Manchester Met I met up with some friends of mine who are theatre makers. We had a great conversation about our shared interests in communities and how people use spaces. We all got busy and whilst the ideas were still bubbling under, we never took anything forward. Fast forward to December 2016…we decided to play with some of those ideas further.

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